For Pastors / Spiritual Leaders / Mentors or friend

To the Referee:

This applicant has applied to Youth With A Mission for training in a Discipleship Training School . This school is a 5 to 6 months intensive discipleship and missions preparatory course. This training will involve living in community, lectures on character, relationship and theology, ministry in the local community and overseas missions work, possibly in third-world conditions. We ask that you thoughtfully answer each of the following questions with regard to your opinions of the applicant’s suitability to this training and experience. Please note that this form is not necessarily confidential to the applicant due to Australian Freedom of Information laws, so if you have matters of sensitive nature, please feel free to request that we talk with you on the phone. 

Please submit the following online personal reference form on behalf of the applicant. However, if you would prefer to fill out a paper copy of the reference form, please click the following link and send to the email or mailing address in the footer below.

(Click here for a paper copy of the "Reference Form")